My Top 4 Wedding Dress

weddingHi loves! How are you? Hope you’re all doing great.  If you are following me on my social media accounts then you probably know that I have a new job as Wedding Market Researcher in an Entertainment Company based in USA.  As a wedding researcher, I’ve seen a lot of wedding-related-stuffs. What I mean is that I saw a lot of wedding planners, wedding flower shops, wedding photographer/videographer and especially wedding gowns.  Seeing those wedding-related-stuffs, it made me imagine what I want for my own wedding. Continue reading

How do you define love?

downloadLove is so hard to define sometimes because it means so many different things to everyone. The type of love you feel for your mom is definitely different than the love you have for your significant other and so on and so on. There’s also a huge difference between a new love that comes with a pounding heart and sweaty palms and a longer love that is comfortable and kind. Continue reading

Alaska World Milk Day Family Run


World Milk Day is celebrated annually in many countries worldwide, providing an opportunity to focus attention on milk as a global food central to health and well-being across cultures and nations, and to highlight the contributions connected with milk and the overall dairy industry. To celebrate this year, Alaska will have a running event with four (6) categories: 100m & 1KM for kids, 3KM, 3KM Family, 5KM and 10KM. Continue reading

A brief discussion about Stanozolol

sasStanozolol is one of the popular medicines which are created from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in united state. This medicine is sanction for an extensive variety of use in human and veterinary pharmaceutical. It empowers the creation of red blood cells and consequently, is utilized as a part of treatment of anemia and genetic angioedema. It additionally contains the opposition to anti-anabolic exercises of Cortisone hormone. Stanozolol have additionally been found to fortify the creation of collagen. Continue reading