The Victoria Court Experience

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BeSomeoneElseVictoria Court has a dream. That dream is to transport its guests to a different reality from the time one drives into the properties until they check out. Victoria Court has a vision. That vision is to be the perfect host and delight guests every time, every stay.  (more…)

What do the world’s most powerful people drive?

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Power and riches. These are the two words that best described the top 5 most powerful people around the world and their daily drive. Carmudi, the fastest and leading online vehicle platform, take a quick detour about the most influential people (in the field of business, politics, finance, and even religion) and their humble beginnings as well.


Vladimir Putin “the Gray Cardinal”


Three Tips for Glowing Skin

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maxresdefaultFor those who want to avoid premature aging, nourishing and taking good care of your skin is essential. Here are three tips for getting your skin into tip-top shape and taking care of it for a smooth and flawless complexion. (more…)

Finding Feathers Online

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download (1)Everyone needs to strut their stuff and brighten up their lives once in a while. If you’re looking for a fantastic fashion accessory that never, ever goes out of style, try adding feathers to your ensemble. From the joyous festivals of South America to the highest heights of fashion in New York and Paris, feathers are an essential element of many an eye catching ensemble. Now it’s time for you to snag a little of that grandeur for yourself! (more…)

When It Goes Wrong…

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images“Life sometimes fills you a bad day and you make a lot of mistakes along the way but as long as you believe in yourself and walk along with your chosen path with a smile everything shall work out.” This was quoted by an anime character which I could not remember what anime show. Indeed, life sometimes is not what we planned out. It sometimes turns upside down. And there were times that we became upset and unconsciously we’re not in our usual selves. (more…)

The Cream Factory Bath & Body Creations

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TCFBeautyshot1If you’re not smiling after a hot shower in the New Year, then it’s time to ditch the boring soap you’ve been using and switch to something that your skin would thank you for later. (more…)

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