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July 2017

Every Filipinos loves to eat. We have our meals three times day and sometimes we even eat snacks in between. Our love for food requires easy access to our every craving to be a necessity. This makes foodpanda, the world’s leading online food ordering and delivery platform, a relevant mobile app for most of us today. 


I’m a first time mom that is why I don’t have any idea having a child that goes to school for the first time too. Before the school opening, I got very busy planning for her school need’s and requirements. Besides from books and uniforms, I need to prioritize and plan very carefully her nutritious baon and I started researching, asking for advice to other moms, looking for healthy options that are easy to prepare and attractive enough for her to enjoy.  It’s kinda challenging to find it especially in kid’s beverage but I’m very happy that I found the Australia’s Favorite Kids Juice Drink: Pop Tops

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Shop Your Wigs At Divatress


DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I always prefer online shopping than going to the physical store. Why? The main reason is the traffic here in our country. That is why I am very thankful that you can now shop online. From clothing, dresses, bags, jewelry, wigs, and even grocery needs you can now shop online.