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July 6, 2017

First of all, I bought this burst fade at Guitar Center as a project bass with the intention of replacing all of the electronics and I never even plugged it in and played it. I did however take it completely apart and was surprised by the quality of construction. The neck pocket was clean and tight, the fret ends were smooth, and the pots and preamp were modular. The tuners were a little stiff (one especially) but they keep the bass in tune and the bridge was basic but functional. Under the pick guard there is a large routed out area giving plenty of room to work with (I added another pot, a large capacitor, two 2p3t on/on/on switches, a Delano preamp, and plenty of cloth covered wire with no problem). The most surprising thing was the shielding- yes, the shielding! This bass had a thick coating of graphite paint in all of the cavities, foil on the back of the pick guard, and the graphite paint was connected to the pick guard foil and ground on the jack.