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August 2017

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Themed Wedding Shoes


47639708528581005FDSDomq5cTradition tells us that wedding shoes should be white, feminine, and simply beautiful. But times are changing, and with that, the trends on bridal shoes. A bride’s wedding shoes are not limited to stilettos, mules, pumps, and kitten heels in ivory and satin. Today, the added flexibility of themed weddings allows brides to express themselves with the footwear of their choice.


After years of fine-tuning, lots of hardwork and hands-on experience in the F&B industry, President and CEO Rinky Tuano decided to take that big leap and go with the rising chicken joint phenomenon, introducing to the Philippine Market his very own take on “The Best Korean Fried Chicken” under the trade name Gangnam Wings, and incorporated through SEC in 2016 under the company name Riley Food Corporation. 


Shopee paves the way for mobile commerce

A recent Google and Temasek study predicts Filipino online shoppers to grow to 42 million by 2025, spending $19 billion (₱918 billion) and a big contributor to this growth is the rise of smartphone users. Today, 61% of Filipino adults own a smartphone and use their devices to communicate, work, and shop wherever they are, creating more productive days, foregoing Manila traffic, and skipping crowded malls altogether.