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October 20, 2017

The spookiest time of the year returns as Halloween brings back the ghastliest tricks and treats that will leave us with goose bumps all over! No matter how frightening All Hallows’ Eve can get, we just can’t help but feel mesmerized by the gross, the morbid, and the monstrous as much as the candies and costumes that mark the occasion.

To add to the witches’ brew, RTL CBS Extreme is throwing a 48-hour weekend marathon that will send chills down the spine starting 6:00AM on October 28, Saturday, until October 29, Sunday—just in time for Halloween. Scared yet? Check out what’s in store on this hair-raising Weekend Special:

Phobias Provoked

What better heightens the sense of horror than things that make the skin crawl? From blood-sucking leeches to slithering snakes, America’s most daring game show Fear Factor takes contestants through a series of stomach-churning challenges as they attempt to overcome their worst nightmares made flesh


Bounty Fresh, the country’s top egg producer, is taking the lead in promoting the health benefits of consuming eggs daily in the country through various initiatives including spearheading the celebration of World Egg Day this month. This year’s event will be the onset of Bounty Fresh Eggs’ yearly celebration of World Egg Day. Similar efforts have been done in other countries like Australia, USA, The UK, France, Brazil, Austria and neighboring Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia, to name a few.