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5 Bad Foods for the Skin


Top-5-Foods-to-Avoid-for-Healthier-SkinMost foods do not come with warning labels that pertain to our skin, but it would be awesome if they did! The funny thing is that most foods that would be considered bad for our skin are only bad due to a sideline cause. Take a look at some of the foods that we should avoid if we want healthier skin and why we should really avoid them:

Fried Foods


The negative impact that fried foods have on the body is that fried foods are so high in fat and are just not good for the body as a whole. The more bad food that goes into the body that could have harmful effects, the more the skin is going to resemble those effects. Remember, skin is just an outer picture of what is happening inside of our bodies.



This is said to be bad for the skin due to the fats and the caffeine that are contained within chocolate. The real reason that chocolate is often considered problematic is because most people eat more chocolate when they are stressed out, which is the TRUE reason behind the breakout, not the actual act of eating the chocolate itself.



This is thought to negatively impact the skin no matter which method you get it from: coffee/tea, soda, or chocolate. The reason that more breakouts occur with people who have caffeine in their systems is because they tend to sit longer and stay inside more, which puts them in contact with more indoor pollutants than those who are more active with less caffeine.

Excess Sugars


The main reason that sugars are to be avoided for healthier skin has little to do with acne, and much more to do with circulation. The more sugar you have in your system, the less natural blood circulation your body has. This means your skin is not getting everything it needs to stay healthy, and it could cause problems if this is a regular or common occurrence. Sugar will slow your body and your blood down. A recipe for disaster!

Junk Food


It’s bad for skin because it’s also bad for the body. The more junk that is on your hands when you touch your face, the more breakouts your skin is going to naturally have. The less healthy your body, the less nutrients your body is going to have when your skin comes in contact with dangerous elements. You want to make sure you give your skin as many chances as possible to be healthy and fight off everything you can. Remember, you are what you eat! And what you put into your body will exude through your skin.


Avoiding these foods in large quantities is good for the body, and that makes it wise to also avoid them if you want something that is good for the skin. The more you try and keep your skin clean and healthy, the more your skin will be able to return the favor in kind. Enjoy a splurge now and again; just make sure you keep your junk food habits in check!


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