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5 Daily Tips to Deter Acne Scars


5-Daily-Tips-to-Deter-Acne-ScarsIf you tend to mess with your skin during an acne breakout, then you have more than likely seen the effects that acne scarring can cause. There are ways to stop this from happening but you have to be diligent in making sure you are taking good care of your skin. Try these 5 simple tips that you can follow daily to help prevent acne scars from appearing.

1. Eat More Anti-Inflammatory Foods


Eat a diet full of anti-inflammatory foods. Avoiding foods that irritate your skin will help keep scarring to a minimum and will help your body start to heal your skin from the inside out as soon as a breakout begins. A few types of foods include honey, wild salmon, shiitake mushrooms, olive oil, sweet potatoes, green tea, and blueberries. This is just a small part of the list that can help you heal from the inside of your body, out.

2. Exercise Daily


Exercise a minimum of 4 days a week. This may sound odd but it really helps to promote a good balance between the body and the skin, which will aid in faster healing, and lower the occurrence of breakouts in the first place.

3. Get Fresh Air


Get some time in the fresh air and a little bit of sun… with sunscreen of course! If you are in the middle of a bad breakout, it is best to sit outside in the shade with some sunscreen on and avoid the sun entirely, but if it is just starting to fade or already fading, then getting a little bit of sun will help your skin. The vitamin D that you get from the sun will help you heal more quickly and feel better, leaving little to no marks behind!

4. Stop Touching Your Face


Avoiding excessive damaging touching of your skin. Touching your face: it’s unavoidable to most. You just get that itch on your cheek or you rest your head on your hands now and then, but touching your face is not good for healing. This means no picking or popping pimples or scabs either!

5. Be Gentle On Your Skin


Always make sure to use gentle products on your skin and all-natural products whenever possible. The more gentle you are to your face, the longer your face will stay looking and feeling young, and the more healthy your skin will be.

Pamper Your Skin


These easy tips should help you be able to reduce what scarring you get, if not deterring most of it from the start. Not all of the tips are going to be easy at the start, but they will get easier with time. Taking the time to pamper your skin during these extra-sensitive times will help your skin look and feel amazing for a long time to come.


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