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5 Foods To Help Your Skin


Top-5-Foods-to-help-your-skinIf you are anything like us then you would love to find an easier way to get healthy, beautiful skin, like an all-in-one super pill or milkshake that not only tastes great but does the job! It can sometimes be difficult to remember to set aside time for special facials and skin treatments, so learning what different foods can do for your body can help your skin look better on a healthy diet basis.

1. Seafood


Seafood is packed with omega-3 fatty acids and Zinc which can help give your skin a natural glow as well as making it look more clear and feel smooth. Omega-3 is used by the body to reduce inflammation and redness. If you have too little Omega-3 in your diet, your skin can react poorly. Zinc is used by the body to help metabolize testosterone and reduces the amount of sebum produced by the body. Sebum is a primary cause of acne which makes Zinc an important and effective tool for any diet.

2. Citrus Fruits


Vitamin C is an essential part of a healthy body and skin. It is used in numerous beauty products to help achieve the benefits that you can gain from simply eating them. It is far easier to eat Acerola Cherries than it is to mess with numerous creams and spa treatments. You can also turn to sprouts, bell peppers, and hot peppers to help prevent yourself from burning out on fruits or from turning into an orange!

3. Red and Green Vegetables


When it comes to your vegetables, just think of Christmas colors! These incredible vegetables contain Vitamin A, which has been used for years in countless beauty products. Vitamin A is used to regenerate fresh skin cells and is also used as an antioxidant by our bodies. It also has anti-acne benefits as well. I guess that is why Popeye never had a breakout; it was all that spinach he ate!

4. Nuts


Nuts, including almonds, walnuts, and pistachios, are jam packed with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is your body’s shield throughout your daily activities. It can prevent damage done by free radicals and sun-damaging UV rays. It also helps retain moisture within your skin, giving it a healthier, smoother look and feel. Suddenly, a bowl of chocolate almond ice cream sounds so much better than it ever used to!

5. Whole Grain Bread


A lot of people have jumped onto the whole grain movement in an attempt to remove refined flours from their diets. This provides a wealth of benefits for the body, not just your skin. Whole grains have Rutin and B-Vitamins within them, which will help prevent your skin from becoming dry or scaly. While most of us are not willing to replace our blueberry pancakes with buckwheat pancakes, we can turn to other food sources such as avocado and mushrooms to reap similar benefits.

Better Foods = Better Skin


It does not matter how you slice it, foods can be a much easier way to get the vitamins and nutrients your body needs for healthy, beautiful skin. It can also be a lot cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars on beauty products. So it’s time to hit up the grocery store and stock up on some healthy and delicious foods!


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