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5 Important Steps to a Great Hotel Experience: Make It Unforgettable


Sometimes, if we are travelling for business or to a very familiar place, our expectations about the hotel are probably limited to a clean room and a hot shower, because we probably won’t be spending much time there and we already know the way around.

But a holiday in another country is an entirely different story. On trips like these, we expect the hotel to be our base of operations for a week or so. Here are some five quick things to look for when investigating and booking your next hotel stay, especially in a place like Cape Town, South Africa.


We might be able to stop here, because location is by far the most important aspect of your vacation hotel. There are at least two considerations in this area.

First, the area should be secure. An older hotel in an older part of town might be very picturesque and the hotel might have many modern updates, but that may not be the best location, especially for families. Second, the hotel should be accessible. It should be reasonably close to the airport and also reasonably close to the places you want to go. If some of these destinations are within walking distance, that’s even better.


When researching an area hotel, pay close attention to reviews that mention the staff. When you are far from home, these people should do more than process your credit card or vacuum the floors. These individuals are your first exposure to a new city and a new culture, and they should know the lay of the land. Marriott hotels usually have very knowledgeable staff people, and there are surely other hotels like them.

Also, pay attention to the staff size in proportion to the number of rooms. There should not be people crawling everywhere, because excess personnel drives up the cost of the room. However, there should always be someone close and ready to help.


Sometimes hamburgers and pizza are just what the doctor ordered, but you can get that kind of fare almost anywhere. The hotel should also have quality local cuisine, because you may not feel like going out to get a meal.

Other Amenities

Some vacationers simply cannot live without a hotel pool. That may mean you have to make some sacrifices somewhere else; for example, many downtown hotels do not have swimming pools.

A fitness center is another must for many people. These facilities are a great way to at least get in some of your exercise routine while you’re away, and they are also an opportunity to meet some other vacationers that share your values.

If you have other needs, like a business center or party room, make sure that the hotel offers them.


No top-five hotel list is complete without mentioning this very important aspect of your stay. We’re not necessarily talking about something cheap, because a nice hotel is going to cost a little more and it will be worth it. Instead, we’re talking about value.

Try to avoid the nickel-and-dime hotels that charge for parking, Internet access, and other such items, because that attitude often seeps into other aspects of the stay. On the other hand, also be mindful of hotels which offer “free” this and “free” that. Nothing is really free, because you pay for it with the room. Moreover, a “free” hotel may attract the kind of people that you do not want to be around.

Go online now and start checking out some of the great hotels available in the Cape Town area.


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