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8 Everyday Habits to Practice that Can Improve Your Memory


As we grow older, we start to notice the changes in our bodies as well as in how we retain information. If you have gone to the kitchen and you can’t remember why or you can’t seem to recall someone’s name, don’t fret. Memory lapses can happen to anyone – even those who are younger. Contrary to popular belief, memory loss isn’t a normal part of growing old. Thanks to several years of research, there are strategies that can help us protect, maintain, and sharpen our minds like:

  1. A recent study by the University of Texas-Dallas researchers discovered that people who exercise regularly improved in cognition and memory. The benefits were seen just six weeks after they started working out.
  1. Exercise the brain. It’s not just the body, but the brain as well. Memory is like muscular strength, which you have to use or else you lose it. Look for something that’s challenging, teaches you something new, a skill-builder, and is rewarding for the best results. 
  1. More naps, better memory. A Harvard study showed students who took a brief nap did better on tasks that challenged their memory than those who didn’t take a nap. Make sure your bed is comfortable for you. Using a mattress that’s right for your needs and preferences can help you with your power naps.
  1. Avoid stress. Simple activities like daily walks, weekly massages, or just reading a magazine to relax can keep regions of the brain from wearing away, especially your short-term memory. 
  1. Eat and drink right. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits including berries. Green vegetables like kale, leeks and spinach are proven to boost memory and prevent memory problems.
  1. Chew gum. It may not make sense, but a study showed that those who chewed gum while completing a task involving memory recall performed better and faster. 
  1. Tell other people. If there’s something you have to remember, tell someone else about it to help you retain that information.
  1. Here’s another simple way to improve memory. Just hang out with your friends and get several benefits, including boosting your brain. 

From nurturing healthy relationships to sleeping more to having a healthy diet, these simple activities can actually be huge steps to protecting your memory.


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