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A Second Chance + Banapple Date



I’ve watched A Second Chance with my friend April last December 4, 2015 at Robinson Galleria. I requested the place because I like the popcorn they are selling there. Hahaha. 

A Second Chance is a good movie especially for a newly married couple. In this movie, you will learn that everyone deserves a second chance no matter how hard the situation is, if you really love and want the person you will never ever give up. Because love is always greater than any pain.

Hugot Lines from A Second Chance:

  • “Ikaw ang pangarap ko. Ito ang pangarap ko” — Popoy
  • “Yung pangarap natin nasa harap ko na…Ikaw, ito” — Popoy
  • “Yung magiging bahay natin hindi masisira ng bagyo, hindi matitibag ng lindol. It will never fall down. It will never break apart…parang tayo” — Popoy
  • “Lahat naman ng mahal, tulad mo, worth it” — Popoy
  • “Kung pwede ko lang kunin lahat ng sakit na nararamdaman mo, akin nalang lahat” — Popoy
  • “Siguro kelangan lang nating sumubok ulit” — Basha
  • “Sa lahat ng mga siguro ko, isa lang ang sigurado ako….mahal na mahal kita bash” — Popoy
  • Basha: Hindi ko sinabi na hindi na ako masaya. Poy: Hindi mo kailangang magsalita para maramdaman ko yun.
  • Basha: Sana hindi mo nalang ako binalikan Popoy: Ay baka nga, baka hindi dapat tayo nagkabalikan.
  • “Ang nagmamahal naniniwala, nagtitiwala…” — Basha
  •  “I promise to love you even if it hurts, and love you more when it hurts” — Basha
  • Poy: Why is it so easy for you to assume the worst about me? Bash: Why do you make it hard for me to see the best in you?
  • “Magkulang man tayo sa isat-isa, mahirapan man tayong makita yung maganda sa isat-isa…basha iyo ako, i promise” — Popoy
  • “I promise to love you at your best and at your worst” — Basha
  • “It’s brave to ask what if, but it’s braver to embrace what is…and you are my what is” — Popoy


After the movie, we had lunch at Banaple Robinson Galleria. This is my first time there so I decided she ordered our food.

Trio Sausage of Fettuccine
Trio Sausage of Fettuccine
Banoffee Pie
Banoffee Pie

The food was really delicious especially the Banoffee! Maybe because there’s  a caramel? Lol. Banapple is my new favorite place. Hehehe.


And lastly, we got ourselves a 2016 Certified Positive Planner. I’m so happy and blessed that I was able to share this planner to her. In case you want to know what inside the planner, you can read my review here.  Till next time love! <3


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