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“We live life of an unfinished novel, still waiting to be written. Depending on how long we live, the longer the chapters. Depending on how interesting we are, the more we appeal to others. We’re often judged by our covers. Sometimes, some people decide to just quit reading to us. We’re just forgotten until someone finds us. Our characters can develop throughout the novel, but our chapters can never be edited.”

Hi. I’m Lhyzie , the owner of this site. Currently residing here in the Philippines.

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This blog is my little space in world wide web.  This is a random blog slash personal blog, where I, the blogger and owner of the site can write everything I want to. I write my experiences here from life and love. Some may contain rants about my feelings. I also share some of my literary works like essay and poems. This is also a food blog and fashion blog. Most of the post are mine, unless stated. I’m not here to impress but to express. 

All photos and contents are all owned by me unless otherwise stated. Advertisements are accepted as long as it does not have anything to do with adult or pornographic websites. If anyone has an issue regarding my post or grammatical errors or any violent reactions, kindly contact me through my email address lyzettebongon@gmail.com, instead of posting through comments.  If you have anything against me, email me and let’s discuss it privately.