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All Stars Bingo


Bingo is a game everyone has played at some point in their lives. Winning this game is really a stroke of luck because everyone doesn’t know what number will be picked or drawn. There is no strategy, technique or you don’t need a skill to win this game. Also in every game, there can also multiply winners. Bingo is really a simple game. You just need to listen to the announcer and follow her or his instructions.

The first time I learned playing bingo when I was a teenager and that was years, years ago. My aunt was the one who taught me how to play bingo. I also tried playing bingo in the mall. Yes, we have here in the Philippines where you can play bingo at the mall. In our evolving world and technology, we can now play bingo online. One of the example is All Stars Bingo where you can pull 500 credits right away if you are a newbies. They also have a lot of promotions that they offer to they costumes like Deposit Bonus, Friday Night Takeaway, Dream Team Bingo, Friday Fever, Monday Madness and Weekend Wad. I’m starting to like this one because there are many ways you can get credit and the same time having fun.

Playing bingo in casino, or online or any local bingo halls can be fun and exiting but always remember to play smart. Good luck!


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