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Always Remember That You Are Beautiful


I scroll through Instagram, looking at all these ladies with their perfect beach waves, winged eyeliner and pouts that make them look like the sexiest humans in the world. You know, the pout, lips pursed just enough to make them look a little bigger paired with a soft nude lipstick, a tilted head, and, of course, killer lashes and a highlight descended from the gods. I, then, look in the mirror and I see pimples and greasy hair that no dry shampoo can tame.

I look away with disgust, take a deep breathe and accept that I was not chosen by God to be pretty. I was not meant to be that girl who makes heads turn nor was I the one that guys even bother to come talk to in a Starbucks or a bar. I was the girl who was meant to be in the corner. Let’s face it, I was the beast not the beauty. Ya feel? Okay, girl, get ready for a crazy turn of events.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL YOU, COURAGEOUS, IMPOSSIBLY FINE AND GORGEOUS, UNICORN. You have conquered years of shitty days, you have dealt with pain, you have dealt with mascara running down your face AND YOU ARE STILL ALIVE. Stop comparing your “I just woke up face” to someone else’s “I spent an hour trying to look like this”. Besides Beyonce NO ONE wakes up like that. I promise you. Dare I say, not even Beyonce? Okay, now I am going down a dark path, let’s face it she is perfect. Anyways, I digress.

You are looking at some chick’s instagram feed and thinking to yourself, “if only I looked like that”. You are only seeing what she chooses to show you. Just like you, she does not post pictures of her crying in the library while studying for an exam with bags under her eyes. She only posts pictures when she is feeling herself, in a crop top and killer heels. She picks an angle and good lighting to hide her boogers, double chin and stray hair. Yes, she has all of those.

To put things in perspective think about how many selfies you end up taking before you actually post one. Think about the makeup you are wearing, what outfit you are wearing, what angle you are holding your phone in, what kind of lighting you are in etc. You can go from zero to one hundred in about an hour. Well, truth is, so can she. You know in your heart that this is true and yet you won’t talk to yourself and tell yourself to stop feeling bad about yourself. I challenge you to change this.

It took a long time for me to get out of this feeling too. No matter how many times I reminded myself that I was worthy, strong, beautiful, kind, inspirational I was still not good enough. Why? Because I did not look like a model. Let me tell you how I finally got out of that mindset. Get ready. Are you ready? Are you really ready? Are you sure? Positive?

Okay, here it is…

YOU WERE BORN IN THE BODY YOU WERE BORN IN AND GIVEN THE FACE YOU WERE GIVEN AND YOU CANNOT CHANGE THAT. Unless you have thousands if not millions of dollars to spend on cosmetic surgery there is literally no way you are going to change the way you look physically. (by the way I am not talking about weight loss or gaining muscle I am talking about facial features and the like) You have been given certain features and from here on out you have to look at them for the rest of yourself. Might as well tell yourself they are good looking features and save yourself that added stress and shitty feeling that goes along with telling yourself you are ugly.

Let me let you in on a secret, your opinion is just as valid as any other opinion out there. If someone else does not find you beautiful that is okay who cares? Not everyone has to like you. You need to find yourself beautiful and once you do that your opinion is valid and just as powerful. Do not rely on the opinions of those who say you are beautiful to your face, your opinion is far more important than other opinions good or bad. Find people who love you and find your beauty so amazing that they will hype you up and make you feel like a million dollars on the days you struggle to do it for yourself.

Bottom line, no matter what you look like, you are going to look like that for a long time so might as well start to get comfortable in your skin. Do things that make you happy and feel good. Worry about changing your opinion about yourself. Surround yourself with others who give off good vibes. Delete, unfollow or walk away from those that drain your energy. You will feel vastly different. It is really not worth it to follow someone on Instagram if they make you feel insecure about yourself. Remind yourself that they only show you as much as they want you to see not any more or less.



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