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Can Pets Be Angels in the Afterlife?


If you have had a pet that has passed away, then you know that you can sometimes feel their presence with you. Many owners feel that the deceased pet is somehow watching over them or that the pet is somehow a permanent spiritual resident in their heart.

Given that so many people do feel this way about a pet that has passed away, it is more than probable that a pet could be an angel in the afterlife. This, of course, is a very subjective matter as many religions would say that a pet is not allowed to become an angel. However, there are other religions, mainly Eastern in nature, that see animals and spirits and would agree that a dead pet could act as a Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel to its owner. Millions of people have had the experience of feeling the dead pet’s presence with them, especially the light and love.

The following are many of the most frequently reported ways in which animals remind us that they are still with us.- Hearing scratching or pawing at the door- Hearing the padding of furry feet or clicking claws along floors

– Feeling the animal’s angelic presence pressing against the person’s body with a definite feeling of weight
– Feeling the bed shake as if the animal jumping on or off it
– Hearing purring, mewing, barking, or snoring that reminds you of the animal
– Seeing paw prints that remind you of the animal
– Seeing a depression in a pillow or in the bed linens where the animal used to sleep
– Hearing a wagging tail beat against a floor or actually feel it against your leg
– Smelling pet odor in a place that is usually free of pet older
– Seeing the shape of animal in a light-body form that seems very real
– Feeling the tickle of the animal’s whiskers
– Feeling wet as if you have been licked by the animal

However, for the most part people feel as if the animal is with you. Other pets that may be missing that animal may actual behave as they are seeing the missing animal. You might even see your pet playing with the deceased pet as if he or she was invisible.

Another time when we tend to see these pet angels is when we are in trouble. Many people have been warned of imminent danger by their pets. This is especially true of people who have been guided by “dog angels” to safety through a storm or a dark forest. People in trouble have also heard “angel barking” that has caused them to turn around and change an action or direction that would have led them to harm or even death.



  1. Hannah

    I am so attached to animals that I even give food to stray ones (those who live near our home, though). So when a house pet dies, I cry. :15:

    09 . May . 2013
  2. Genzel

    Hmm I have a pet before that we really loved as part of the family but I’m not sure if it’s okay with me to somehow feel their presence after they died. It’s creepy and I’m such a coward with ghosts :

    09 . May . 2013
  3. Micmic

    I have pets. I have 4 dogs here and I always tell my bf that I don’t want them to die. I’ve been too attached especially to my baby Lhasa Apso and the thought of her leaving me is really heart breaking. Well, I don’t mind if they become angels when they die. I’d love to spend more time with them. 😉

    09 . May . 2013
  4. Yesha

    I love dogs and I had some who died and before I don’t know if I am just tired but I saw my shihtzu walk under the table geez I know my dogs who died are all in doggy heaven and happy playing with each other

    10 . May . 2013
  5. Shugah Gonzales

    I have 5 dogs and I love them dearly. I believe that every pets goes to heaven when they die and watch after their bestfriends 🙂

    10 . May . 2013

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