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Bananas are so delicious, bright in color, and taste good with a variety of foods! Did you also know bananas are great for your skin? Since ancient times, they have helped cure people of skin-irritating bug bites and are ideal for soothing irritated and rash-like skin. Read on to learn some great things bananas can do for your skin: 

Big cash prizes await make-up lovers, budding artists and video bloggers like Week 3 winner Christine Gem Anicas (shown) at Ever Bilena’s BIG Beauty Challenge

Unleash your inner artist and win big cash prizes as Ever Bilena dares you to experiment with different looks through The BIG Beauty Challenge – a weekly make-up tutorial video contest following different themes.


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As you’ve heard before at some point in your life, you must live a healthy lifestyle to minimize your chances of getting sick and to look and feel better. It is very true and NOW is the time to make changes in your life to better YOU. We’re about to enter a new year so you should have no excuses. But here’s the best news – Don’t wait till the new year to start living your life better. Start now and your acne will undoubtedly start to heal as well! Here are some changes to start making today: