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American Music Awards gives voice to musical talents around the globe

No other art form celebrates diversity better than music. From folk tunes to hip-hop beats, popular musical styles not only exemplify creativity in many forms, but also bridge different people across social and ethnic backgrounds.

The American Music Awards (AMA) best captures this celebration of myriad culture by letting the public—not judges—determine which stars deserve recognition. For years, the musical melting pot has lauded chart-topping performers such as King of Pop Michael Jackson, powerhouse balladeer Whitney Houston, and country-pop superstar Taylor Swift. These and others represent the spectrum of talent that has touched fans and influenced countless other musicians.

Today, the award show continues to showcase diversity with artists both from the U.S. and the world over, defying boundaries to honor what people believe is great music. Here are just some of the world’s most dazzling acts we look forward to watching at this year’s AMA.

Luis Alfonso Rodriquez López-Cepero, better known as Luis Fonsi, has earned global recognition with his hit song “Despacito” featuring rapper and fellow Puerto Rican Daddy Yankee. The music video has garnered more than four billion views on Fonsi’s YouTube channel, with the song landing on the top spot of most Latin Billboard chart. Fonsi has received several nominations including Collaboration of the Year and Favorite Song under Pop/Rock with Justin Bieber and Daddy Yankee, Video of the Year with Daddy Yankee, and Favorite Artist under the Latin category.


The spookiest time of the year returns as Halloween brings back the ghastliest tricks and treats that will leave us with goose bumps all over! No matter how frightening All Hallows’ Eve can get, we just can’t help but feel mesmerized by the gross, the morbid, and the monstrous as much as the candies and costumes that mark the occasion.

To add to the witches’ brew, RTL CBS Extreme is throwing a 48-hour weekend marathon that will send chills down the spine starting 6:00AM on October 28, Saturday, until October 29, Sunday—just in time for Halloween. Scared yet? Check out what’s in store on this hair-raising Weekend Special:

Phobias Provoked

What better heightens the sense of horror than things that make the skin crawl? From blood-sucking leeches to slithering snakes, America’s most daring game show Fear Factor takes contestants through a series of stomach-churning challenges as they attempt to overcome their worst nightmares made flesh

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