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IMGP0232Last May 28, 2016, I attended an event called “Catching Butterflies: Spotting the Symptoms of Thyroid Disorders in Children” held at at the Fisher Mall Event center. Merck Inc. and ETC 2nd Avenue collaborated for the International Thyroid Awareness Week Celebration in order to increase the awareness of the thyroid and the disorders that can affect children and adults.


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As we age, our skin loses moisture and suppleness, our hair becomes weak and dry, and our muscles become stiff making us less energetic.  Admit it or not but some of us still want to look younger that is why we take a lot of food supplement that promise us a lot of things but we ended up disappointed. But don’t worry any more because the search for anti-aging food supplement that really works is over. 


13351019_10208468256277218_1404372109_oWhen it comes to exploring different career paths, nobody does it better than the planet’s favorite lifestyle icon, Barbie. A quick Google search will tell you that she has held over 130 careers in the span of more than 5 illustrious decades. She has been an astronaut, a surgeon, a veterinarian, an athlete, a pop star, even a presidential candidate at least 5 times.