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Germany’s best mom-and-baby skincare brand comes to the Philippines, chooses Philippine celebrity sweetheart as new ambassador

Filipinos are known around the world for their hospitality, warmth, and genuine love for their families. Many Filipinos want the best that their money can buy for their loved ones, especially for their children. This is why talk-show host and celebrity mom Camille Prats-Yambao is always on the lookout for pure, natural, high-quality and affordable products that are safe for modern Filipina moms like her, which she cheerfully shares with her audiences on TV and on the internet.


Are you worried that your child may inherit illnesses that afflict your family? Now you have the chance to prevent it from happening. Thanks to the constant dedication of health experts, mothers can now reshape their child’s future by acting early to lessen the risk of having childhood obesity, which can lead to onset of inheritable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and allergies. Fortunately, the risk of developing these diseases may be significantly lowered by paying attention to the milk that your child consumes.


Now that the school year has officially started, mothers start to worry about their children—their performance in school, bullies, grades, conduct and of course, germs. Let’s face it—germs are everywhere. They are present in almost all places and your child’s school is not an exception. From pencils, desks, notebooks, lunch boxes – these surfaces can unknowingly cause germs to spread and infect children easily. Moreover, your child can bring these germs to your own home, infecting the rest of your family.