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When people think of microwave ovens, it is most often that they think about it as a way to reheat their meals. While it does very well in reheating food, only a few would dare to cook their food in a microwave oven. Most of them are afraid that they may put in the wrong setting and as a result, have burned food instead. A better understanding of the microwave settings would definitely take off the fear that bothers most people in cooking with a microwave oven and gain more confidence in cooking quick and easy meals.


Now on their 4th year as partners in bringing exclusive Cubix gadgets to more Filipinos online, Cherry Mobile and Lazada strengthen partnership through the launch of the newest Cubix lineup. Joining the roster of new Cubix generation are the Cube Play, Cube Play HD, Cube Max, and Cube Book of which is the flagship product.


With much anticipated Nokia 3310 now launched in Philippines, HMD Global highlights the risks to consumers of counterfeits appearing in the market

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, is calling consumers in the Philippines to be wary of counterfeit Nokia 3310 phones, spotted in various places in the country as well as in the online marketplace.