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As we mark the 21st World Television Day, we look back at how TV has evolved without compromising its philosophy.

In 1996, the world faced a challenge similar to what we are facing today – what to do about the unprecedented impact of television. Much like social media today, TV affected decision-making, from people’s everyday choices to politics.


For the second time this year, customers who purchase an LG Electronics (LG) 4K TV will receive a three-month Netflix gift subscription through an exclusive promotion until November 24. The latest LG 4K TVs – OLED, UHD, and Super UHD – have earned designations as Netflix-recommended TVs for the third consecutive year.


LG Electronics recently unveiled its latest VRF system in the high-powered Multi V series – the Multi V 5. The fifth generation VRF air conditioning system is dubbed as “the most advanced VRF system in the market”. It is equipped with LG’s own high-efficiency inverter compressor and the world’s first indoor and outdoor unit temperature and humidity sensors. “The Multi V 5 is the best VRF system in the market today. It offers the ultimate efficiency, performance, comfort, flexibility, and control, with its Ultimate Inverter Compressor, Ocean Black Fin heat exchanger, and Dual-Sensing Control,” said Mr. Steve Kim, LG Electronics Philippines Vice President for Air Solutions.