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We all want a youthful, brighter, healthy, pinkish and glowing skin. But if you are not taking good care of your skin, you won’t achieve any of that.  So, when a PR for GLOWW contacted me, it was such a good timing because I really need a food supplement that can help me to take care of my skin because I’ve been dealing with stress and a lot of this right now. 


As a mom, I am over protective with my  daughter especially with the products she will use. She has a very sensitive skin that is why I am very picky with her toiletries. I will only let her use a product if it is from a well-known brand, if it is effective (by reading some reviews and checking the ingredients of the product) and if it is budget friendly.


Happiness is when you received a box full of Chocovron with different flavors. I received the package last week and I am quite surprise because I am not expecting that they will send a lot of Chocovron. Honestly speaking, I am craving for it since last month but I’m having a hard time to look for a seller of Chocovron. That is why I’m very thankful to the company of Chocovron for sending me these! Have a blessed Merry Christmas!