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As a mom, I am over protective with my  daughter especially with the products she will use. She has a very sensitive skin that is why I am very picky with her toiletries. I will only let her use a product if it is from a well-known brand, if it is effective (by reading some reviews and checking the ingredients of the product) and if it is budget friendly.


Happiness is when you received a box full of Chocovron with different flavors. I received the package last week and I am quite surprise because I am not expecting that they will send a lot of Chocovron. Honestly speaking, I am craving for it since last month but I’m having a hard time to look for a seller of Chocovron. That is why I’m very thankful to the company of Chocovron for sending me these! Have a blessed Merry Christmas! 



Nutrifab Pickled Plum

Price: 1500 (10 pcs of Nutrifab)

During my teenager days, one of my problems is that it’s hard for me to gain weight. I’m too thin for my age or should we say I’m “payatot”. I’ve taken different vitamins and food supplement and I also ate a lot but nothing change. But when I gave birth to my daughter, it’s now hard for me to lose weight. I think I will believe to the saying that when you have birth, you will get fat and losing weight is hard. Actually, I’m not that fat and you know what’s fat in me? Yes, my tummy. Lol.