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Did you know that getting a good night sleep directly affects your good health and well-being?

There are oodles of different reasons why people don’t get enough quality sleep. I know I use to be an excellent sleeper as a kid. Likely because I grew up on a farm and if I didn’t get my butt into bed early I knew I would be a tired grump getting out of bed at the crack of dawn to help with chores.


Every new parent is overwhelmed by all the tips they receive from their parents, friends who have had children, and their doctors. Sometimes, they tend to overdo it, or forget some important little things. Here are 4 baby essentials that parents must already have when they meet their little ones.

1) Diaper bag

Whether you’re going to the mall, the hospital, or visiting your family, it’s important to have a trusty diaper bag where you can keep all the things your baby needs—diapers, bottles, formula, baby powder, wet wipes, extra clothes, and a towel. All these and more are needed by your baby 24/7, thus you should always have it with you. A diaper bag will be one of your best friends during this journey so make sure that when you buy one, get the best one. (LifeSavers Diaper Bag retails for Php 1,600.00).