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Chloe’s 2nd Birthday Celebration


12232847_10153148983071771_5265683892425622301_oHello loves! Happy Monday! (: Just want to share to you that my daughter Chloe just turned two last Friday, November 13, 2015. Her theme was Barbie. I asked her what she want, Minion or Barbie? She answered Barbie. Yes, she knows how to choose already. Lol.


We just celebrated it over dinner with family. I’m planning to have a party before but she’s not yet fully okay. I don’t what her to get tired and be sick again that’s why I decided not to throw a party. Maybe next year? 🙂

Some of Barbie Stuff


I wanted her to have a barbie themed cake but I was too late to go to the bakeshop. The making of the barbie cake is 3 days but I only have two days left before her birthday that’s why I just bough two cakes for her.

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The Birthday Girl


November 14, 2015


The next day, we went to Gerry’s Jeepney to celebrate Chloe’s birthday with her cousins. We wanted to try the restaurant before because the food looks delicious but we are just disappointed. I or should I say that WE don’t like their service. The waiting time for your orders is so long. Like 30-45 minutes and it’s not even hot. For me, it’s a kind of restaurant that you just want to go to experience eating in a jeepney but you won’t come back again.


We are supposed to go to EcoPark after but it is already 3:30pm and EcoPark is until 5pm only.We end up going to Circle of Fun which the kids really enjoyed.


So that’s how my daughter celebrated her second birthday. Thank you for all the birthday greetings, wishes, gifts, visitors and to those who celebrated her birthday with us. I also want to thank God for giving me a beautiful and loving daughter. I love you my love! Always and Forever. <3


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