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DC Super Heroes Cosplay Competition at Cyberzone Sm Sta Mesa





Who is your favorite superhero? I can’t think of a particular superhero that I liked when I was a kid. Maybe I like them all. Haha. Even though I don’t have any favorite super hero, I like watching or seeing other people dressed up like their favorite super hero. I like watching Cosplay that’s why I was very happy when I was invited to the DC Super Heroes Cosplay Competition held at Cyberzone Sm Sta Mesa a while ago.


The event was hosted by Tim. I think there are 15-17 participants. Some walked like a model and some said some line of their favorite super hero. The judges picked three winners. The 3rd runner up won 1,000 pesos cash, the 2nd runner up won 3,000 pesos cash and the 1st runner up won 5,000 pesos cash.

Here are some of the participants (sorry for the photos, the people in front of me keeps on moving):








The criteria for judging are: 

  • CREATIVITY (Creative use of materials and innovativeness of contestant) – 40%
  • ACCURACY (Correct and proper usage of costume, props and other materials used by the contestant based on the actual character being portrayed. (See attached photos per character as reference) – 30%
  • STAGE PERFORMANCE (Contestant’s acting, memorization, representation, and presence. In short, how well they can act like a certain character, or how well they perform a skit, how well they present themselves in their cosplay, etc.) – 20%
  • AUDIENCE IMPACT (The response of the audience and contestant’s way of communicating with the audience) – 10%
  • A total of 100%


The winners in Sm Sta Mesa are: Hawk Girl (3rd runner up), Flash (2nd runner up) and Wonder Woman (1st runner up).  The winners will be competing next week at Sm City North Edsa.


On April 18 2015 at Sm City North Edsa, the largest gathering of people dressed as DC Comics super heroes will assemble around the world in an attempt to set a world record!




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  1. Maricel Fajardo

    Kids would love to watch this event

    12 . Apr . 2015

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