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Did you ever cry yourself to sleep thinking that you can’t just forget about him and let him go?


e9594314060ef8e021f27d9ec1aedcf4It’s okay to remember the good times you had together and keep the memory of them in your heart, but you have to move on. You broke up for a reason. This guy is not the one you are suppose to be with or you would still be together. Every time you start to think about some great time you had together or something romantic he did for you, you have to remind yourself of all the reasons why the two of you broke up. You need to go out with friends, get a new hobby, pursue your interests and goals, but you must move on. Otherwise, you will miss meeting all the great guys that are out their right now, because you are too busy thinking about your ex. There is a great guy out there right now that will treat you even better than your ex ever did, you just have not met him yet. Go out and enjoy life! Take this and every relationship you have as a learning experience and use it to make the next relationship even better.


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