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Endless Beauty: Your Blueprint To Skin Perfection



One thing I like about being a beauty blogger is that I am trying different kinds of beauty products every now and then and thankfully the products I previously tried doesn’t harm my skin. But please remember that we all have different kind of skin types and please make sure that the products is FDA approves like Endless Beauty by HBS are selling.

Endless Beauty by HBS sent me some of their best selling products for me to try. I’m very thankful to them and excited also to try it because I read a lot of good reviews about their products. Plus, the owner is very friendly too. I personally used each of the products that was sent to me and here is a honest review.


Endless Beauty by HBS Collagen Mask (100gms)

Price: 190.00 Php

A Collagen Mask that whitens, hydrates and repair.


How to use:

Put an ample amount on your fingertips and spread the mask all over your face. Leave at least 20-30 minutes or if you want, you can leave it overnight.


With Glutathione, Honey Collagen, Goat’s Milk and Virgin Coconut Oil.



I used it every Sunday to pamper myself because I don’t go to salon to have a facial spa. Maybe I’m too lazy or busy or facial spa is not my thing. That is why I prefer mask than facial spa.

I already used the mask twice. I love the candy fragrance of this collagen mask and it reminds of a chewing gum named Bazooka. My skin feels smooth, soft and less haggard looking after every use. It also feels refreshing on my face.


Endless Beauty Rapid White

Price: 95 php

On top of being a great anti-pigment ingredient, Tranexamic Acid is extra gentle, helps fight inflammation and has no known side effect.
This all-around ingredient is ideal for all skin types, from the most sensitive to the oiliest, whether acne-prone or dry; with Tranexamic Acid, fighting hyperpigmentation is safe, efficient and fast.


I already consumed the whole soap. Honestly speaking, the soap lasted only for a week and a half because my brother also used this soap without my permission because he liked the smell and of course, I do too. It is also effective removing the dirt on your skin/body. It makes your skin smooth and soft after use. With the whitening effect, I just noticed that my skin become lighter a bit maybe because I just used one soap. If I will be using it for much longer, I’m pretty sure my skin color will improve a lot.


Endless Beauty Gluta Ultra Whitening Lotion (120ml)

Price: 230 Php

A whitening lotion that promise to whiten your skin in just 7 days.


This lotion has SPF30, With Glutathione, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Goat’s Milk, Glycerin and Rose hip oil.



I’m using this lotion every morning especially when I going out. I think this lotion is the perfect (for me) partner of Rapid White Soap. It also smells good and make your skin soft and smooth after applying it. Applying is just so easy. Some of the scars on my legs lighten a little while using this. I haven’t consumed the whole bottle yet because I’m just using it in the morning.


Endless Beauty Argan lotion with Spf80 (120ml)

Price: 230 Php

A lotion that whitens your skin and protect it.


With Argan Oil, Vitamin E, SPF 80, Goat’s Milk, Jojoba Oil, Clare Blanche.



Don’t get me wrong but if I am using the Endless Beauty Gluta Ultra Whitening Lotion during day time, I am using Endless Beauty Argan lotion during night. I usually apply it before I go to bed. It smells delicious to the point that you don’t need a perfume anymore if you are using this in the morning. It is non-greasy and easy to apply. I have a dry skin and while using this, I noticed that my skin dryness was lessen. It also makes your skin soft and smooth.


Endless Beauty LashScious

Price: 300 Php

A Serum therefore more potent than eyelash grower gels. Vitamins, essential oils, and plant extracts that helps stimulate hair growth.



i haven’t consumed the product yet because I forgot to use it sometimes. But I already noticed some changes on my lashes. It is longer now than before. I also noticed that my lashes become thick.

Endless Beauty products is really effective with an affordable price. You can also check their customer reviews if you don’t believe me. If you want to try Endless Beauty products, you may visit their website at or email them at Follow then on Instagram @endlessbeautybyhbs or Facebook @Hbsbeauty.


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