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First Insurance And Investment Product Available Online


The youth of today—“millennials” as they are called—are known for making the most out of the present, enjoying life but also keeping a keen eye on future goals: whether that’s to travel the world, start a business, or pursue a life-long passion, like the arts.

Now, you can live the life you choose with no fear with the help of MyAmbition, a life insurance and investment plan you can buy online that was designed with young professionals like you in mind. AXA knows that you prefer transacting online and are always on the go. Think online shopping for life insurance!

What’s more, it lets you grow your money by investing in a fund that suits your risk appetite—the amount of risk you are willing to accept to pursue your goal, which in this case is growing your money through investing. Your risk appetite—or “hunger for risk”—may be conservative, moderate, or aggressive (or low, medium, or high). Whatever your risk appetite is, there’s an investment fund that suits you.

You can invest in AXA MyAmbition for as little as P50,000 to a maximum of P125,000. And because it doubles as a life insurance, your loved ones will receive bigger gains in the future in case something unexpected happens to you. You also have the option to let your money stay with AXA so it can grow further.

Avail of MyAmbition via an easy online application process. Everything you need to know about your insurance plan is on the website! Payments are equally easy as they are made via AXA’s secure payment partner, Peso Pay—the leading online payment gateway in the country. You can check the performance of your investment by simply downloading the MYAXA app and registering your policy. You can avail of up to 10 MyAmbition policies, and you can pay your premium via your credit or debit card.

Plan ahead and have a solid game plan to be able to live the life you choose! Visit for more information on MyAmbition.


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  1. Samantha Aguilar

    Mas pinadali na! online na lahat eh! hassle-free!

    14 . Nov . 2017

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