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downloadAs Moshe Dayan quoted, “Freedom is the oxygen of the soul”. It is every man’s necessity to live. Oxygen has been related to freedom because it is our inner air. This air let us express our self to others and fulfill our needs as a human. Every man is entitled to have freedom for it is not only their main key to live but also a way to contribute something for the society. We need to express ourselves to have contentment and somehow be a part of something that we can change.

Most freedom quotes were contributed and shared by politicians and activists during public speeches. These quotes encourage people to act or do something for a change. Freedom is often related to oppressed people who want to liberate themselves but it also encourages people to act or do something for a change. Moshe Dayan is an Israeli military leader and politician who became a fighting symbol to the world of the new State of Israel.  He was fair with every races, be it white or black. Most of his speeches have the capacity to advice for his people to have a better society.

A man who is deprived of freedom will be considered dead for many reasons because that person cannot be free at the time he/she wanted it the most. Freedom makes us to be at the peak of our existence but it doesn’t mean that we can do everything we want to do even if it is wrong. Morality entails us to use freedom to do what is morally right for ourselves and for others. Freedom is a right that should be used properly and wisely not abusively. We must recognize that every use of our freedom means a consequence that can have a good or bad outcome.


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