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Fun Healthy Snacking For Your Baby


Helping your child develop good eating habits early on.

Eating healthy is a habit that begins early in life. But did you know that parents play a big role in giving a solid start for their kid’s nutrition?

Sure, toddlers can be fickle and unpredictable when it comes to their diet preferences and appetite, but you can lead the way towards building healthy and nutritious eating habits simply by giving them access to wholesome and nourishing solid food options.

To help make it fun and easier, be sure to add CERELAC NUTRIPLUS into your child’s daily diet!  CERELAC NUTRIPLUS is a cereal-based snack suitable or children 10 months and above. It is made with whole wheat and fruit bits, and is a good source of iron, vitamin, b1 and fiber. New  CERELAC NUTRIPLUS comes in two exciting flavors – Banana & Strawberry and Banana & Orange to make snacking not just yummy and delightful experience, but one that kids will actually look forward to.

CERELAC NUTRIPLUS comes in fun star shapes, specifically designed to help babies develop their chewing and self-feeding skills, and is also a great way to allow babies to explore their food.

Finger foods, whether it’s a piece of soft-cooked vegetables like a carrot stick, a piece of fruit, or a snack like  CERELAC NUTRIPLUS, allows your baby to have fun experience varying texture and have an opportunity to raise their confidence during mealtimes

Reinforce the benefits of health food by giving them options that they will love and look forward to having.

New  CERELAC NUTRIPLUS is available in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. You can also buy it online through


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