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Gangnam Wings: The Way Korean Fried Chicken Should Be


After years of fine-tuning, lots of hardwork and hands-on experience in the F&B industry, President and CEO Rinky Tuano decided to take that big leap and go with the rising chicken joint phenomenon, introducing to the Philippine Market his very own take on “The Best Korean Fried Chicken” under the trade name Gangnam Wings, and incorporated through SEC in 2016 under the company name Riley Food Corporation. 

Korean Chicken joints started making waves in the global arena in 2006, appealing quickly in a broad range of customers including the western market. Tuano was at the forefont of the chicken wing boom in Asia under the company that brought Chicken Up, when his passion for F&B management and product development turned into a professional obsession. With the birth of Gangnam Wings, Tuano hopes to differentiate his rand with a greater passion for the Korean Heritage and flavorful authentic food that even Filipinos would love.

Gangnam literally mean “South of the River”, it is also the name of an affluent district on the south of  Han River in Seoul, South Korea where the new wealth resides. Bringing Gangnam in Philippines denotes bringing the wealth and class from Seoul to the Philippines. They aim to be defined as a main stream casual dining restaurant which provides friendly, attentive service in a relaxed environment by staff and management that truly enjoy their job.

What Gangnam Wings Offer:

Gangnam Wings aim to distinguish itself from the wide choice of chicken dishes offered by the competing chicken joints by using the company’s proprietary double-frying, hand-brushing techniques that gives us distinct taste that only Gangnam Wings can offer.

Its main product line includes, Gangnam Original (Crispy) Wings, Gangnam Yangnyum (Sweet) Wings, Gangnam Spicy (Spicy and Sweet) Wings, and Gangnam (Soya) Wings. Aside from its Signature Fab Four (Chicken Wings, Fruit Soju, Onion Bomb and Bingsu), Gangnam Wings will be offering a wide section of authentic Korean dishes and fusion to meet the taste of every Filipino. Some of these products include: Yangpa Bomb, Kimchi Fries, Japachae Noodles and a unique range of fruit-infused Soju and Bingsu desserts.

Good News is, they have now new product lines to add their best-selling Korean dishes, and it’s a delicious fusion with western cuisines; we have the cheese chicken salad; spicy teriyaki chicken salad; Bulgogi Burger; Beef Bulgogi Sandwich, Chicken Con Carne Fries, Buffalo Wings, among others. With the expertise of Chef Jung Chynyeal or simply Chef John, Gangnam Wings products line is continuously being updated to reflect the increasing demands for new and interesting flavors from the consumers.


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