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Hello May!



I want to have this blog post about “Hello May, Please Be Good To Me” like other blogger do. There’s nothing wrong with it right? We all want to have a good life, month or even day. So let me ask you this question, how was your April?  

My month of April was a roller-coaster ride. If you are following me on Instagram (stargaze07 – please follow me. Hehe!) You can tell my mood in every photo I posted. I posted some photo that you can tell that I’m very happy, sometimes not. I also posted “positive” quotes that can encourage not only me but everyone.

Anyway, I saw this perfect post of Mandy Hale on her Instagram account that can really encourage us:

It’s a new day, a new month, a new season. A new start. Turn the page. Don’t stay stuck re-reading the last chapter because what’s to come is uncertain. Everything in life that matters starts off with a little uncertainty. (Some might even call it #BeautifulUncertainty 😉) The stories your life has told in the past were good…& they got you to today…so be thankful for them, but then let them go. Turn the page. Allow yourself to be the leading lady (or gentleman) of your life. Walk in confidence into the next chapter of your life. Let some characters run off the page without chasing them…for if they were meant to be protagonists of your prose, they surely wouldn’t have to be endlessly pursued. Turn the page. Don’t devote another book, another chapter, another paragraph, another word, another FOOTNOTE to people who don’t appreciate and respect and deserve you. Make room for new characters to arrive…characters that will make you laugh and cry and stretch and grow and become a better person. Turn the page. Stay open to plot twists, to edits, to rewrites, to the unexpected. Stop searching for a happy ending & start creating a happy LIFE. Let go of the hurts, the mistakes, the doubts, the fears, the struggles, the moments that have made you feel small…& realize that anyone or anything that tries to shrink you only succeeds in making you bigger & bolder & better. Turn the page. Tell your story in YOUR voice, in your way, in your timing…& stop asking permission to go where you want to go and do what you want to do and feel how you want to feel. It’s a new day, a new month, a new season. A new start. Turn the page. 👍

This month of May, I want see something new, something new about myself (positive), I want to learn something new, I want to become closer to God every day. I don’t want to look back anymore to my (negative) past (even it just happened last month), it will only make me a bitter person. I want to become better.


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