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Household Goods for Facials


While often times it may seem easier to just buy a facial mask from a store or online, it is not as cost effective as making your own at home. The problem most people have while is figuring out which ingredients to use. You will be surprised to learn just how many of these ingredients you already have stocked in your kitchen!

1. Fruit

It doesn’t really matter what kind of fruit you use, just about every single fruit has the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to become a key component of any home facial mask. Mash a ripe banana and a little honey to create a simple and effective facial for dry or irritated skin. Strawberry masks are high in antioxidants that fight acne and also contain salicylic acid which helps fight bacteria that causes acne. Check out our homemade facials link to see what mask is best for you!

2. Vegetables

Vegetables are very similar to fruits in regards to facials and beauty masks. You can simply toss a bit of cucumber and a touch of honey into a blender to make an easy face mask that smells and feels great on your skin!

3. Dairy Products

You can take some whole milk and a bit of honey to turn a simple bath into a relaxing, moisturizing experience. You can also use plain organic yogurt and rolled oats to create an easy exfoliating cleanser for your face.

4. Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil can be gently massaged on your freshly cleansed face and neck to help smooth and hydrate skin and remove deposits from makeup. Apply a small amount to a cotton ball or Q-tip and watch as all of your makeup and oily deposits melt away in a matter of moments. It can also be used in combination with a bath to have one of nature’s most relaxing whole body moisturizers known to man!

5. Sugar Scrub

You can use brown sugar or white sugar in combination with just about any of the previously mentioned goods to create an incredibly exfoliating scrub that will also nourish and hydrate your skin. It is also great for softening up dry, rough, patchy skin on your hands, feet, and elsewhere!

Create Your Own Facial

When it comes to creating your own beauty products at home, the world is your oyster. You can get creative and play with different combinations to get the results that are perfect for you. The best thing about homemade beauty products is that the cost to create these products is far cheaper than what you would pay for a single treatment from a popular brand or service and is 100% natural!


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