How Long Does It Take Beacon Resources to Fill a Job Order?

When you’re a mid-market employer with a busy business, you can’t afford to leave positions unfulfilled for long. The more time you spend without qualified accounting and financial services personnel, the more money you lose. With Beacon Resources, your empty positions can be filled on as short a turnaround time as you need to get qualified professionals up to speed and on-boarded as soon as possible.

Rapid Initial Consultation 

The moment you contact Beacon Resources, your financial headhunters begin building a candidate profile based on your discussed preferences and job details. This extensive consultation gathers in-depth details about the position you want to fill, the type of employee you seek, your company culture, the overall business environment, and what your goals are for future workforce development. This initial consultation can take place as soon as you are available to begin.

24 to 48 Hour Turnaround 

Once the job details have been gathered and a job advertisement has been placed for accounting job listings or any number of other positions, you may see your first screened, fully qualified candidates within 24 to 48 hours. That’s how long it takes to screen out unqualified candidates, verify qualified ones, interview them in advance, and select the best to present to you for further interviews and screening. In as little as two days you may have already found the perfect employee for the role, whether interim or full-time hire.

Streamlined Processes to Candidate Placement 

The goal of the entire process is to simplify as much as possible so that Beacon Resources does the work for you. By taking the effort out of your hands, Beacon Resources is able to streamline candidate placement up to final selection and job offer. With rapid turnaround and proven processes that work to identify and retain the best talent in the industry, Beacon Resources finds and recruits the top tier of finance and accounting professionals.

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