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How to Tell if Your Girlfriend Is Marriage Material


You think that she is the one and you’re almost ready to commit but something still prevents you from putting a ring on it. Many guys want to make sure that this is real love, not affection or attachment. You may be terribly in love and she may seem perfect to you but when the time to make an important decision comes, you get consumed with doubts and want to figure out whether she can become your Mrs. Right. Fortunately, there are some signs paying attention to which you’ll be able to understand whether she is the right person to tie the knot.

You’re comfortable with her. How do you feel when she is around? You were nervous before your first date but when she showed up, you really were enjoying her company? And with every next date you felt more and more natural with her? If you look back at your love story and realize that it’s been the evolution (rather than regression) of the level of trust and comfort between you two, don’t have any doubts about her as your future wife.

You include her in your long-term plans. Can’t decide whether you’re ready to spend the rest of your days with her? Put your feelings to this simple test: think about your future. If you can’t imagine your life in 10 or 20 years without your girlfriend, congrats – she’s already become an integral part of it. If you discuss your future life together in detail up to how many children you’ll have and where they’ll go to school and those are not mere words but you really mean it, your relationship will soon grow into marriage.

She knows what give and take means. If your girlfriend is not only compliant but also demanding and challenging, she is wife material. Of course, you want her to give her time and attention but when a woman only gives without asking for anything in return, you gradually lose interest in her. The relationship where a woman does everything for a man just because she needs him can’t be called healthy. It’s the dependency rather than the union of two self-sufficient personalities. If your partner is independent and can challenge you at times, she’ll make a good spouse.

You’re compatible both intellectually and physically. Compatibility is something that determines the success of any relationship. You can build a healthy relationship with the partner who has similar goals and priorities, shares your views on life, and has similar interests. Since sex is an important part of marriage, you should be also compatible in bed. In other words, if your girlfriend is your best friend and at the same time tender and passionate lover, put a ring on her finger.

Think why you’re having doubts. Men cherish their freedom so when it comes to commitment they usually think twice. If you’re concerned about your indecisiveness, you should know that it’s something natural. Having doubts about commitment and marriage is a norm unless you doubt commitment to a particular woman. Then, the problem is with her rather than with your attitude to marriage.


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