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How To Write Perfect Wedding Vows


how_to_write_perfect_wedding_vows_102Writing your own wedding vows is a perfect way to express your love on your wedding day. Nothing is more romantic than looking one another in the eyes and speaking what is in your heart, in your own words. 

Personalized wedding vows are a wonderful way to express your truest feelings. They contain the seeds of dreams to come true, and intentions for your married life. They are also a way to celebrate your relationship and have some fun sharing some of the things you love—and also laugh about—in your relationship.

Here is an easy process on how to write perfect wedding vows.

1.Find inspiration for your wedding vows. Look for the kinds of sentiments you want to express in wedding readings, poetry, popular songs that you love or even greeting cards to find wedding vow inspiration. Pour through vow books that share the words of love used by other couples. Source vow ideas from the faiths or cultures you were born into or the spiritual traditions you love.

  1. Connect to the feelings. When you are ready to write your own wedding vows, take a moment of pause or meditation to reconnect to the energy and magic that made you want to marry this person, and let the feelings flow.
  1. Ask yourself these key questions before writing your perfect wedding vows. Jot down some notes:
  •  What do you love about this man/woman?
  • What feelings pour over you when you think of his/her love for you?
  • What are your hopes and dreams for your married life?
  • What promises would you like to make?
  1. Write a first draft.Ê Begin by sharing what you love about your sweetie (you can include cute and funny reasons) and letting him/her know how he/she makes you feel.Ê Next, share things you look forward to experiencing together. Sprinkle in promises you would like to make. Summarize by sharing how grateful you are for his/her love and the opportunity to share your lives.

Revise and perfect your wedding vows. Then go through the first draft; edit or add in new thoughts. Don’t be afraid to use humor—if that’s your style. (“I promise never to change the channel when the Yankees are on,” for example).

Make sure you speak from the heart. Let your sentiments come from the heart. They do not have to be long. Approach them with a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart) and make them real. Those are the PERFECT wedding vows.


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