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I’m Giving Up the Fight



I still keep your messages on my phone. I don’t want to delete it for some reason. I still read them whenever I’m lonely. It makes me feel like you’re still here with me. Every word that you said keeps on haunting me.

Those late night walks with you, the places that we’ve been to, our conversations, our adventures, the time that we spent together, your laugh, your smile, it will always have a place in my heart. It once made me the happiest person. You once made me feel like I’m the most special girl in the world.

But now, I’ve realized that it’s time for me to move on. I’m giving up the fight. I’m tired of waiting knowing that it will lead me nowhere. From this day on, I will not let myself think about you anymore. I’m moving forward and I’m never gonna look back. Time for me to say goodbye to all the things that we’ve shared. It’s hard. thinking about all that we’ve been through never fails to make me cry. If you only knew how much it hurts me. This pain is killing me. Like whenever I become happy, something inside is pulling me back to loneliness. I can’t be completely happy. And I’m sick of it. I’m tired of carrying this feeling with me. That’s why I’m leaving it all behind. I can’t carry this feeling of sadness anymore. It’s time for me to be happy again. I wanna be happy. And I know I can do it without you.

Sorry for everything. Sorry if you felt like I took you for granted. It’s just me. I don’t want to harass you with too much affection. Just because I can’t give you the love that you wanted doesn’t mean that I don’t love you with everything that I have. People love differently. Sorry for not loving you the way you want it.

So, this is goodbye. Thank you for the great journey. Thank you for making me feel loved. I never gave so much of my time to anyone but you. I never regret anything. Thank you for the wonderful experience. For the great memories. What we had is something that I will always treasure. I will never forget you. but I’ll try my best not to think of you anymore.

‘Til then. I love you, but It’s time for me to love myself more. I’ll find love again. :’)


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  1. william merryman

    well wishes .i think your cute!

    21 . Mar . 2015

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