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Jeunesse Anion Celebrates The Strengths and Passions Of The Millenials


Truth to be told, millennials are one of the most exciting generations of our times. When it comes to resourcefulness, energy, multi-tasking ability, and digital savviness, this generation possesses positive traits that make them cut above the rest. And when it comes to health and fitness, it goes without saying that millennials could be touted as the most highly conscious group who understand the value of investing in themselves. A recent study conducted by Nielsen Global Health and Wellness Survey reveals that millennials wish to lead more wellness-oriented lifestyle, reflects from the way they spend on wholesome food and products to seeking activities that will help them achieve optimum health.

To celebrate the strengths and passions of the millennials, Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins and Liners launched two of the country’s inspiring millennials siblings, Christine and Clarice Patrimonio. Growing up in a family where sports and fitness is a serious affair, it’s no wonder they’ve set the bar high in the field of tennis. While Clarice’s recent silver win in the 2017 South East Asian Games proves her athletic achievements and a strong presence on the court, Christine is another looker, enhance by her athletic built and statuesque beauty.

Like siblings Christine and Clarisse who are always on the go and serious about embracing an active lifestyle, it’s undeniable they both have a lot on their plates. Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Pads and Liners understand that for a millennial, it’s important to consistently stay on top of their game and monthly period should not get in the way of their fruitful schedule. With the help of active lifestyle, proper nutrition, and stress management, beating the not-so pleasant side effects of being a lady is possible.

Period woes and nightmares are the last thing every woman wouldn’t want to experience, which is understandably so, that’s why Jeunesse Anion sanitary pad’s goal is to lighten up the red days. As the first anion napkin in the retail market, its special seven features include: top cover made of special non-woven material for maximum comfort and softness, super-absorbent polymer for superior liquid protection, a specially-designed back adhesive to keep the pad securely in place, a side-leak guard that helps prevent through leaks, plus sterilized and bacteria-free cotton material. The anion strip is also a unique feature since it helps to ease up cramps and odor, soperiod pain in its track and doesn’t have to be the worst.

Keeping in mind the discerning lifestyle choices of the millennials whether by age or attitude, Jeunesse Anion sanitary pads and liners is introducing the all-new singles pad. This conveniently packed ultra day pad with wings is ready for taking at and soon to be available in convenience stores nationwide. Affordably priced at 8.50 per piece and comes in 24 pieces per box, slim and perfect for light to medium flow. It’s also chic and easy to slip in clutch, pouch and traveling bags!

“Choosing the right pads for our daily activities is important for us in winning the daily grind in life. I love how it helps me feel fresh, worry-free and its five variants is everything I need throughout the whole phase of my period!” Christine adds. “For me, it’s slim but highly absorbent property is what every active and fun-loving Filipina need most. I’ve said goodbyes to period leaks and pains for good since I’ve discovered Jeunesse Anion pads,” exclaims Clarisse.


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