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love2People often say “its his/her loss, not yours”. This may be quite true but what if it is your loss? What if he/she was the very thing you ever needed. The only person that gave you so much joy and happiness even though they’re not doing anything, even though he/she’s just sitting next to you, not saying a single word, yet you feel all the happiness the world could bring.

Love is a construct. you feel it, yet somehow, you can control it. Its just like math. You’ll just use certain formulas so that you can manipulate the variables into the right answers or equivalents of the given equations yet love can be more complicated than that because you do not just follow simple or complicated formulas, it is something that you must NOT control. Just simply go with the flow.

Fight for what you want. Who knows, maybe it’ll be the best thing that ever happened to you. Don’t think of what others would think. Who are they to judge you. Only God can judge you. If you believe that’s the very thing that will make you happy, then go. Do it 🙂 but just keep in mind, following your happiness doesn’t mean that its right. You still have to analyze the situation. What are the pros, what are the cons. But if you still truly believe that you want to follow your happiness despite all the interfering factors, then go on. Its just a part of life, taking risks. Its better to fight for something than waiting for something to happen. What if it wont come because you were supposed to be the one to go out and get it?

Love is complicated. With it you’ll experience so many trials. If you’re suffering, thank the Lord. He’s just making you stronger. He wont give you anything you cant take. He made that happen to you because He knows you can overcome it. He’s just trying to teach you a lesson. If a certain trial keeps coming around but with a different setting, it just means you haven’t learned your lesson yet. Be open and listen to His signs. Everything in the world is His instruments. You just have to learn how to see or hear them.

No matter how hard you try and analyze something, there are always two sides. But sometimes, you have to stop analyzing and just feel what is right. It just a matter of the mind vs the heart. But its up to you which one you will choose. Every person may experience similar situations yet they all differ in someway. Each situation is unique. you’ll always experience something new.

You wont look for another if you’re already contented with the one you are with. Maybe there’s something missing or maybe there’s too much of something. You may fall for anyone who treats you special. Its easy to fall for someone who makes you feel good, who makes you happy for the meantime. This is why when we feel that we are happy with someone, make sure you are happy with the person as a whole, ready to accept all the bad things he/she may show. every relationship is great when its just beginning. Don’t be fooled by false happiness. You wont see a person’s true colors right away. So if you’ve given up your past for the future, make sure you wont regret the choice that you’ve made because by giving him/her up, he/she may move on, find another then you be left all alone but if he/she is still there, waiting for you to realize your stupidity, never let it happen again. not all people are strong enough to take back those who have left them. Who knows, they might do it again.

Everyone makes mistakes. We all deserve second chances. But what if the same thing keeps on happening? Should you give them a third chance? A fourth, A fifth? Others may say, twice is enough but try and think, is he/she really worth it? God gives us numerous chances. Our parents gives us plenty chances. Why cant we? Its just a matter of choice. if you believe you’ve been abused way too many times, go on and leave but if you think you can withstand the pain, well, its up to you. You’ve already lost your pride and dignity. What else is there to lose?

Everything happens for a reason. EVERYTHING. Every little single detail was planned by God. You just have to learn how to see things optimistically. Learn how to listen to His words even though you cant literally hear Him.

I truly can say, Im a masochist for falling for him. But hey…..its all worth it 🙂


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