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My heart hurts.



One of the worst moments in loving someone is to see them in pain. My heart hurts to see my loved ones said or injured. It is more upsetting to me than when I’m physically hurt because there’s almost always nothing you can do to help. Sure, you can be there and support them, but most of the times, you have to watch that person suffer, and your heart will hurt for them.

Loving someone means being empathetic, and, while this empathy helps you connect to this person, it means that sometimes you will feel the pain they feel. Know that even if you can’t do anything directly to help them get through their pain, that being there is the greatest gift you can give them. Listen to them, and let them know that you’ll be there to help in any way you can. But just know that your heart will hurt.

With Love;




  1. Sumi

    I agree to this sis.. I’d rather be in pain myself than see my loved ones suffering. It gives me a sense of helplessness.. 🙁

    07 . Apr . 2012
  2. tess

    Fear of seeing someone you love in pain is normal .We don’t want to see them getting hurt emotionally , physically and mentally.We can’t do anything about it but to let them feel and know that we are always by there side to comfort them all the time.

    07 . Apr . 2012
  3. Trisha

    I was stuck by your title. Hoping your fine.. Kala ko agad something major happened 🙁 Hugs hugs, sis!

    07 . Apr . 2012
  4. Babyposh

    This is really true. Its much painful that to experience a physical pain. 🙁

    07 . Apr . 2012
  5. lalalapatricia

    Agree with your post! I’d rather suffer than seeing my family hurt. It hurts me that much! Really! For I know in myself I can manage if i’m hurt ><

    07 . Apr . 2012
  6. Mich of Mich Eats and Shops

    It’s even much harder when the one you love is miles away from you. As much as you want to comfort them with your presence, all you can give are words which can only do so much 🙁 Sigh 🙂

    07 . Apr . 2012
  7. Mahj

    :aw: uh oh

    12 . Apr . 2012

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