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Of Candies And Syrups: There’s A Lot More To Your Child’s Vitamins


Are you confident that your child is getting all the nutrients he or she needs for daily nutrition and overall health? How do you encourage your child to like or even enjoy taking vitamins? Nearly 70 percent of children’s vitamins come from either syrup or gummy form. While this may make them appealing to children, that may not be a good thing as hundreds of parent’s rush to the emergency room each year with children who ate or consumed the whole bottle.

Vitamins shouldn’t be seen as a candy or a treat; your child’s vitamins should be given with a meal. Do not make them a reward or a chore. Very few people truly understand how difficult it is to make a children’s chewable vitamin that is complete, palatable, low in sugar, and without any artificial sweeteners or flavors. There are many companies that provide products with some of these characteristics, but very, very few have the whole package.

Growing children require higher amounts of magnesium, calcium and other minerals. Trace minerals like selenium, manganese, copper, chromium and molybdenum is needed as well but unfortunately is not found in most leading children’s vitamins in the Philippines.

We’ve always said food first to get your child’s recommended daily dose of vitamins but the reality is that most diets are deficient in many areas. And in many ways, nutrition is even more crucial in children who are actively growing and developing, kilo by kilo each day. Many studies show that our children do not receive the nutrition they need from diet.

Best source of your child’s vitamins should contain the right formulation, the suited raw ingredients of high quality to ensure maximum potency, purity and bioavailability and a formulation that should come from a Pharmaceutical Grade Manufacturing facility.

The influence of media commonly influences consumers as they choose what is best for their child. Your child’s health is the top priority and they deserve the best in everything, ask your Doctor or Pharmacist about your child’s health and the most suited supplementation for their growing needs.

With the help of Usanimals by USANA, parents can support their children’s growth in a fun, convenient and healthful way. Usanimals is a daily multivitamin for children ages 2 to 12 with a balanced formula that contains 23 essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support healthy growth and development for healthy immune functions and energy levels, and bone support.

“Good growth encompasses all aspects in the development of children – from physical, physiological, intellectual, emotional and psychological. We are proud to say that Usanimals by USANA can support the nutritional demands of growing children by providing the relevant and the most comprehensive nutrients that result in improved overall health development,” said Gen Blasurca, Corporate Pharmacist at USANA.

“USANA ensures that it manufactures products that are well-researched and is backed by reliable and accurate science,” said Aurora Gaston, USANA Vice President for the Philippines and Indonesia. “We have in-house world-class scientists who test the potency and purity of USANA product to ensure complete and balanced formulas.”

“Our Scientific Advisory Council consists of independent associates whose insights into product applications and efficacy help us deliver high-quality products that promote human health.

“We work with distinguished scientific institutions who conduct research to ensure out company provides cutting-edge nutritionals.”

“At USANA, we believe that the quality of raw ingredients is of the utmost importance. USANA only uses ingredients of high quality to ensure maximum purity, potency, and bioavailability.”

For more information on Usanimals and other updates from USANA Philippines, visit and follow USANA’s social media portals on Facebook (, Twitter (@usana_ph), and Instagram (usanapilipinas).


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  1. Aldrin Montierro

    My sister gave my daughter the USANIMALS last year but my daughter is not familiar to the taste and prefered her usual vitamin syrup and gummies. I will re-introduce USANIMALS to her and hopefully her tastes had improved and she will like it this time. I believe that USANIMALS has the complete vitamins and minerals needed for her optimal growth and development.

    19 . Oct . 2017

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