Who is your favorite superhero? I can’t think of a particular superhero that I liked when I was a kid. Maybe I like them all. Haha. Even though I don’t have any favorite super hero, I like watching or seeing other people dressed up like their favorite super hero. I like watching Cosplay that’s why I was very happy when I was invited to the DC Super Heroes Cosplay Competition held at Cyberzone Sm Sta Mesa a while ago.



I already have a fair complexion but I’m still obsessed with whitening products especially soap. I love whitening soap that smells so good like the one from Sabon Co. Before I go to my review, if you are following me on Instagram (@stargaze07, follow me if you’re not. Hehe!) you have seen that I posted a photo of sample packs of soaps from Sabon Co. I think, it’s been two months already since I received it but I only had chance to do a review. Sorry! Hehe. 

Beauty and the Beach GlamourBox

Every day gets hotter and hotter because it is already summer! For sure, lot of people will go to the beach and enjoy the sun. You don’t have to worry that the sun will toil your skin while having fun under the sun because GlamourBox Team teamed up with Belo Essentials Team and their line of expert skin and sun care products that can keep us fresh and flawless whether at the beach or just beating the summer heat!