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weird-clockTime Machine. I recall a movie entitled ‘Time Machine,’ the plot was about how a man wanted to turn back time in order to save his love from death that he invented a time machine and used it.

All of us know about the time machine: a machine that could take us to the time where we want. You can go to the Jurassic period, the ice age period, and the period when historical man evolved into modern humans, when our country was invaded by the Japanese or simply to a part of our life we want to reminisce the moments that go along with it.

Traveling through time. Perhaps all of you want to do that, to travel through time. I think that all of you wished that some brainy and highly talented inventor had invented how to make a time machine, isn’t it? Even if you tell yourself about the sayings that you should not mess up with time, there is no point on regretting, or the quote saying ‘there’s no point crying over spilled milk,’ you just cannot help but wish to go back time.

Many wants to go back to time because of the happy moments in the past while most surely likes to change something they believe is a mistake, something they regret on doing. I, myself has regrets. Who doesn’t anyway? Regret is an emotional dislike for personal past acts and behaviors. It is often felt along with sadness, embarrassment or guilt and is commonly felt after committing an action by which individuals later realize they should not have done.

Being a teen, I have gone through many ups and downs in this road called life. However, I cannot deny the fact that what I’ve been through is nothing compared to those people who’s been staying strong despite of all those storms that came in their way. I remember this person who once shared his life’s lessons to me. He was one of the persons I looked up to, he has strong determinations and goals by which I believe had made him what he is now.

He told me about how I should be doing well in school. I am sorry to disappoint him but I do not do as well as he thinks. He told me about ambitions, goals and thinking about my future. Thinking about over reacting? I though about it, it was the thing that I came up with. But come to think of it, he has a point, which I cannot deny is the key to a successful life. By that time, all I think of was enjoyment, fun, amusement as if there is no tomorrow! But he told me about stories of people at my age doing what I have been doing – I thought about how I do not want to regret what I have been doing in the future. Life is not as easy as I thought to be before; it is not something that could not be changed like fonts in our PC. And time should be used wisely.

Time is an important factor in this vast system of our life. It is an element so powerful to have an impact on people; not only to you but also to everyone. Time could not be changed; past could not be changed. It is simply a mere memory of events. Mistakes would be mistakes if you do it over and over. Mistakes are for a reason and that reason is for you to learn how to live. It is like a how-to-do-book, a guideline or perhaps it is like training in order for people to live life in a manner they always imagine it should be.

Regrets should not be forgotten for it is in regret that we learn how we have been before and how we used time. Life is full of surprises that you can never count how many has to come your way. Do not let the past make you its prisoner, instead use it to live the present for there are no such things such as time machines. Time machines are the memories that stay behind our individuality.



  1. Jennifer C.

    I must say that I am rather impressed with your blog. This post claims you are a teen, & if you are I must say that you have a lot of insight that many adults lack. It will get you many places in life. I wish you luck!

    30 . Oct . 2013

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