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Romantic Places in Maui

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Maui is a name that has become synonymous with romance and is indeed a paradise for couples. The warm weather, gorgeous natural scenery and the unforgettable backdrop for sunset keep the island just ripe for love, anytime, anywhere. Couples can look forward to luxury sailing, dinner cruises, and other intimate tours to create some wonderful memories together. Thus, if you want to rekindle the fire of romance and keep it burning, head straight for the magical island of Maui. After all, there are a plethora of activities that can be enjoyed together. Enjoy exploration, adventure activities, restaurants, and nightlife. Stay at Maui beach house and bond together as a couple. It is an ideal dream destination for couples and honeymooners. You can go like zipping and hiking or water sports or go on a helicopter tour to explore the diverse landscape of the island. Bike down the volcanoes or explore the local flavors on food tours!

Visit the Sacred Garden

Sacred Garden is a nature preserve of peace and tranquility. Located in the heart of Maui, it is pure bliss and happiness to stay here. There are several picnic and relaxation areas in the garden, which also features meditation gardens and two walking labyrinths. The garden is home to an assemblage of flora, plants, succulents, palms, and orchids.

Aqua Sports Maui

You are about to hit one of the most beautiful kiteboarding destinations in the world. Learn how to kiteboard at Aqua Sports Maui that offers custom-designed kiteboarding lessons for each individual. Get trained by professional and highly qualified kiteboarding instructors and enjoy one-on-one lessons, whether one is an absolute beginner or an advanced professional. You are all set to go once you have learned the basics. There are special semi-private lessons for couples and families with children.

A romantic sunrise at Mt. Haleakala

If you love sunrises, then make a romantic sunrise trip to Mt. Haleakala’s summit.  The whole adventure and experience are worth it. Bond over the endless beauty of sunrise at Haleakala and renew your love. Do not forget to get a good night sleep and allow yourself an ample time to get ready for sunrise at Haleakala. Arrive at the Haleakala Visitors Center at least a half hour before sunrise and to ensure that you get the best vantage point. The This adventure is truly worth it but takes a bit of preplanning. Witness the breathtaking sunset at Mt. Haleakala and watch the whole Maui awaken to it. The skies burst with colors and infuse the Hawaiian Islands with an innate passion.

Enjoy Hawaiian and Polynesian feasts

Hawaiian and Polynesian style luau feasts are one of the most popular activities throughout the Hawaiian Islands. As a couple, you must attend a luau at least once. There is a huge range of luau’s to pick from on each island. Hence, one should not have a problem as to which one is the best fit for you and your partner. Enjoy the delicious Mai Tai and a fragrant lei as the evening festivities begin. Alternatively, you could go for the traditional luau feast; Squid Luau, Lomi Lomi Salmon, Poi, Kalua Pork, Coconut Haupia, tropical fruits, and more and get a taste of the ancient Hawaiian culture. The highlight of the evening is the melodic sounds of the presentations with ancient drumming, chanting, storytelling.

Pride of Maui for a fairy-tale like Cruise

Renew, celebrate and cherish your love and nothing could be better than enjoying a fairy-tale like Sunset Dinner and Cocktail Cruise. This is what love is all about. Look for the best vantage point to gaze upon an ecstatic Maui horizon. Feel the calm breezes of the Pacific Ocean on your skin as you stand together. Enjoy the evening with a premium cocktail and look deeply into the eyes of your loved one. Live music and entertainment only add to the fun and make the evening even more special.

Take the historic road to Hana

The road trip to Hana remains one of the most popular activities in Maui. This is an excellent way for the couples to spend some quality time outdoors and enjoy the great road trip. With so many bridges and waterfalls on the way, this is a must-do activity on Maui for the couples. You can even plan on a romantic overnight camping trip as you follow the winding road to the historic Hana village. On the road, you get a rare chance to explore some of the hidden gems of Old Maui as well as catch a glimpse of a slower Hawaii. You are sure to get overwhelmed by those gorgeous scenes of the Pacific Ocean.

Fly high over Maui

Maui Helicopter Tours are very popular among the locals, the tourists as well as s the couples. It is time to treat your loved one to a wonderful and memorable adventure of a lifetime. This is your chance to fly high in the clouds and get a bird’s eye view of the island of Maui. Take the challenge as well as bond with your loved one as you reach the sky’s limit on a Maui Helicopter Tour. There are amazing sightseeing adventure trips waiting for the couples.

Explore any of the above romantic and fulfilled spots and activities and live your Hawaiian dream. Spend the day in the intimate company of your loved one, and capture your vacation to treasure for a lifetime.



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