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Fashion is something that has been around since clothes were invented. The idea of a specific style of wearing clothes for formal and informal occasions makes it interesting. The idea of everyone important wearing the same clothes as a mango person makes it interesting to the followers. However, to help the fashion reach out to the maximum audience and to preserve it forever, photography plays an essential part.

Fashion shoots are an idea that has been floating around for a long time. Models are hired that wear designer dresses and portray it to the world. The essential part is a photographer that knows what they want and what the client wants. With the combined expertise of both the parties, a wonderful outcome is usually shown.

The following tips will help you during a fashion photo shoot.

  1. Make some preparations

There is never enough preparation that you can do before a shoot. Look in books, magazines, fashion shows and other places to find inspiration for your concept. Your preparation should also include you selecting the right lens and camera for your job. For example, if you choose to work on aerial shots, the best camera drones should be the nature of your research to help you with a fine outcome.

  1. Experiment

No matter how adamant your client is in the style of shooting or how you are with your concept, keep experimenting. Take a shoot from every possible in every possible setting and way. The reason is behind this concept is that even after having years of experience you will never be able to completely guess what the camera brings out at each second. Hence, move around and take as many shots in different styles as possible to off-guardedly catch the model and the natural light.

  1. Own it!

Even if you are working for someone else and you have a client, remember the vision is always the photographers. If you have found something that you are confident in, then stick with it. It is nice to take suggestions and ideas before your final vision so that you can get an idea and inspiration, but at the end of the day, it is about you and what you want it to be. Nobody can tell you that your idea is wrong. Your confidence will help you get through it along with hours of study that you should have done if you have not already. Convince people with your work.

  1. Direct

You may have a team and understanding people around you, but at the end of the day it is your shoot and you have the power over all. Do not be afraid to direct the models and everything on set to make the outcome the best. Remember there is a fine line between being mean and being dominant. Break every rule that you think is a hindrance to your shoot and work to make it better. During the shoot, keep clicking and be ready so that you do not miss a moment of good photography.


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  1. joan rafunzel medina

    May mga friends ako na photographer, i must share this to them para alam nila yung mga useful tips na kagaya nito.

    12 . Jan . 2018

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