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Skincare Routine For Bedtime


We all need our beauty sleep. But most of us don’t get it and end up looking pretty rough in the morning! Here are tips to follow at night to get that peaceful sleep we all crave but don’t ever seem to get! 

1. Shut Off Tech Devices

Turn off any technological device before bed (i.e. computer, cell phone, television, etc…). Studies show that using technological devices within an hour of your bedtime deter you from getting proper sleep. You need to rest your mind, body, and soul at least an hour before bed.

2. Remove Eye Makeup

Remove eye makeup with oil-free makeup remover or oil-free moisturizer. Leaving your makeup on will leave you prone to infections of all kinds…yuck!

3. Cleanse Your Face

Cleanse your face with a gentle exfoliating cleanser and rinse off with warm water.

4. Apply Toner

Apply an alcohol-free toner to your skin to balance your skin’s pH levels.

5. Apply Facial Serum

Apply a dime-size amount of oil-free serum to your skin to add many antioxidants that will help hydrate your skin and minimize sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles.

6. Finish With Oil-Free Moisturizer

Complete your nighttime process by hydrating your face and neck with an oil-free moisturizer.

Sleep Is The New Face Lift

Your skin restores itself at night so it is very important to remove all impurities and bacteria from your skin before resting. Not only will following this skincare regimen every night improve the clarity of your skin, it will also take years off your age. So what are you waiting for?! Start tonight…and dream sweet dreams…zzzzz.


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