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Stop judging others you have no idea about it.


judgingSometimes I find out about people who don’t like me, while they don’t even know me, and I really don’t like that, they don’t even give me a chance to get them to know me. But I’ve noticed I do the same sometimes… When I see people I sometimes think “Oh, she must be a bitch’’ or “Oh, he must be a player.” and that’s just not fair… I don’t like it when people judge me without knowing me, and they probably don’t like it either, so I’m going to stop judging people I don’t even know. Judging people is part of human nature, and something that we all do. But when we start judging people for the wrong reasons, like how they look, or what their interests are, then we’re simply being closed minded. To me, this just seems a shallow way to live. We’ve all heard it before, but the true value of a person really does lay within, and that’s what I’m going to be basing my future judgements on…



  1. Ricalyn Abrahan

    i like this post. Para ‘to sa mga taong masyadong ano, basta. Haha Dapat nababasa ‘to ng mga haters ko OL. 😀

    07 . Dec . 2013
  2. Winnie Aurelio

    Correct ka diyan sis…ako actually, I don’t base my judgment on morality anymore may it be same sex relationships, broken households or a group they belong to… in the end it is still the person who is going to decide what road he or she will be choosing. Ang motto ko in this… I don’t care as long as you don’t get me involve in whatever trouble you get into because of your decisions. I can only advise but the final word is yours but if you still need someone to talk to..I am all ears 🙂

    As for others who dont like me (I can’t blame them, muka daw kasi akong suplada sa personal..heheh)..its their problem not mine..they don’t know what they are loosing 😀

    Taray diba 😀

    07 . Dec . 2013
  3. helen gatbonton

    korek, dapat matututo tyong maging sincere s iba

    17 . May . 2015
  4. Liberty Floro

    Tama ka dyan! wag maging mapanghusga lalo’t di mo alam o di kilala ang hinuhusgahan mo.. 🙂

    18 . May . 2015
  5. Mary Anne Tapang

    Yes me too I hate when people judge based on what other people have told, sometimes they judge me because of how I look and that affects me a lot. Upon reading this I realized that I am also guilty of judging people, I will change that, I don’t want to be judged so I will not judge anyone too.

    19 . May . 2015

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