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Sugary Foods to Avoid For Glowing Skin

Cookies in bowls in window display, close-up
Cookies in bowls in window display, close-up

You would be amazed by some of the foods that you eat regularly that have astronomical amounts of sugar in them! Sugar is fine for your diet in moderation, but when it takes over a large part of your diet, it can and will affect your overall health and your skin. The more refined sugars you take in, the higher your chances of your acne worsening. Read further to learn what foods are surprisingly high in sugar:

Cereal Bars and To-Go Packaged Breakfast Sweets

Though they may seem healthy and high in fiber and nutritious value, these conveniently packaged foods are very high in refined sugars. Read labels!

Canned and Packaged Fruits

These adorable cups and cans of fruit are usually loaded with heavy syrups to preserve the fruit and keep it flavorful. Look for labels to read “light syrup” or better yet, buy fresh fruit! Freeze your fruit if you can’t finish it before it goes bad.

Sweets, Cakes, Pies, & Pastries

SO much refined sugar in these foods, it’s best to steer clear except on a special occasion. There is pretty much no nutritional value in these “goodies”.

Jarred Spaghetti Sauce

Many of these sauces have double, even triple the sugar content! Read the labels, compare, and purchase a company that doesn’t load in the sugar! YUCK!


Many juices that claim to be all-natural are actually not natural at all. Many are from concentrate which means they are loaded with sugar to preserve the flavor and product. True 100% natural juice is your best bet and it is recommended to keep it to one glass a day. Soda should be avoided at all costs as well as flavored milks.

Read Labels

Reading labels and being aware of what is put in the foods you choose to eat is necessary to living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the food and beverage companies are out to make money and often do not think about your health when creating new food and drink. Love yourself, your health, your skin by making wise eating habits.


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