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Taking Care Of Your Tie


63729af45658500d2a49a0dc91b35859Each time you get ready for your office you have to look whether you have got the right neck tie with your outfit and how much does the knot suits your personality. You can’t ignore this fact that neck tie is the most perishable item in your wardrobe. It’s important that you take appropriate care of it so that it lasts longer.

General rules 
If you purchase three or more ties then it would be better as you would be able to wear them alternatively. This will save from damaging your tie that you would wear daily.

When you keep your tie in the wardrobe then you should hang it with the suit or outfit that goes with it by draping it around the collar of the coat.

While you wear the tie you should repeat the same tie after a gap of two or three days because this will prevent from unnecessary crease and wrinkles.

Storage rules
Always keep your neck tie in tie hangers (usually seen in shops) because these hold a single tie and reduce the chance of wrinkles. You should never leave the ties with knots as it will crease the fabric of the tie and make it unmanageable next time when you wear.

Each time you open up your wardrobe try to move the ties you have hanged up because this will prevent from unnecessary creases.

When you return back home after a days long work remember to take out your tie knot and hang it properly.

Check if your tie is of silk fabric then hang it otherwise in case of knitted ties you should lay it flat or roll up and keep in a drawer instead of hanging it. Roll the narrow end of the tie first and leave it for a day or two as this will remove most of the wrinkles.

Cleaning rules 
You should not give a tie away for dry cleaning because most of the cleaners remove the spots but at the same time they press the tie, in turn it compresses the lining and dulls the luster of the silk fabric. Never press your tie as this will diminish the overall appearance of the tie by making the “roll” at each edge a “crease”.

If you have water spots on your tie you can easily rub that small end with a same piece of fabric on the spot or gently scarp the surface with your fingernail.

If you got stains on the tie you just need to dip a clean cloth napkin in club soda and then dab away the stained portion.

For tough stains, you should apply steam from an iron taking care that the tie fabric doesn’t touches the iron or you can hold the tie over a boiling kettle and then use dry spot remover as per the instructions on the pack. For something even tougher you can use spot remover such as carbon tetrachloride.

To remove grease, you can sprinkle a little talcum powder on the spot and leave it to absorb. After some time you can brush off the residue with the help of clean soft cloth.

Untying rules 
When you untie your neck tie you should never slip the small end out of the knot which decreases its longevity.

Unknot your tie by taking it off by reversing it and never slip it over your head or remove it by pulling on the small end.

Never leave your tie unknotted when you remove them as it will cause permanent creases in the fabric.


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