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The 5 Key Functions of Your Skin


Skin is more than just looking good – It actually has a job to do too. The cleaner and healthier your skin is, the better it can do its job. If your skin has clogged pores or is dehydrated, then the ability for your skin to help you feel your best is decreased significantly. Below are the main functions that your skin does on a daily basis:

1. Protection

Your skin is like a bullet proof vest for your muscles and bones, so make sure that it is at its strongest when facing every day damaging elements. Every weakness that your skin has will allow more of these elements to get through your skin, which will make you look and feel older, and could possibly make you sick.

2. Absorption and Elimination

Your skin is like a filter. It pulls in all of the negatives that your skin is exposed to and then eliminates the threats before they can harm your body. Clogged pores or dehydrated skin slows down this process, leaving your skin more vulnerable to any type of environmental issues you may face on a daily basis.

3. Sensation

Now who doesn’t want to be able to feel everything going on around them through their skin? Everything from a child’s hug to a partner’s caress comes through the sensors of our skin, so make sure to take care of your skin.

4. Regulation

Your skin can help you regulate your body temperature just by allowing you to sweat when you get too hot or hold in heat when you get too cold.

5. Production

Your skin produces a lot of the important chemicals that you need to be healthy, so if your skin is too busy playing catch up on hydration or cleanliness, then it’s not able to produce what you need it to. Let your skin do its job and take good care of it every day!

If you want your skin to be able to help you in every way possible, then you need to make sure that you give it all of the time and attention that it needs to be able to do that job. Keeping skin clean and hydrated is the best thing you can do on a daily basis to make sure that your skin can keep your body safe during its travels through life


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